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Cadic Jean

Computer Scientist

30 years
ML / DL / SE
AI Researcher , I published in Robotics, Neuroscience and Anthropology in Journals and Conferences covering signal processing, robotics and speech analysis. I am also a patent owner for a 3d dental prosthesis generation with deep learning solution. \newline More generally, my research focus on unsupervised/self-supervised learning for Distributed AI (DAI) and High Performance Computing (HPC) modeling to leverage Federated Learning capabilities.


Software Engineer
Software Engineer for infrastructure setup and task automation in Java, C++, Rust and Python mainly.
Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning architect for OCR, NLP, and ASR, Recommendation System, Statistics, ETL.
Install and develop scalable database HBase, Redis, Cassandra for real-time and secure applications.
Setup secured environment on AWS/GCP/AZURE including Virtual Private Networks, Proxy and Nginx servers.

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$ 300 /hour
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